Getting Involved

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If you're a new student at Harvard, thinking about becoming Catholic, or just want to get a little more involved with CSA, then sign up by filling out this Google Form.  Doing so will get your @college e-mail address added to our mailing list, which will enable you to learn about events, study breaks, holy days, and all else Catholic at Harvard.  The CSA also has an unofficial Leadership Team, made up of those students who want to have more of a say in our activities and plans for each year.  Finally, feel free to add our Google Calendar to your own [link forthcoming]!
To get further involved, e-mail our president, Justin Sanchez at

Service Trips

Spring 2014 trip to Peru

Spring 2014 trip to Peru

Each spring, the Catholic Center, in conjunction with FOCUS, sends a group of students to a place in need.  During Harvard's 2014 spring break, FOCUS missionary Mike Selenski led a group of CSA members to Lima, Peru, where they worked with religious brethren, Peruvian university students, and local professionals to build a house for a family that had lost theirs.  Other recent trips have included a 2013 trip to Guyana, where students helped with construction, catechesis of local children, and visits to the needy; a 2011 trip to work with migrant farm workers in Apopka, FL; a 2009 trip to restore beauty to Katrina-battered homes in New Orleans, and a 2007 trip to West Virginia to rebuild homes.
If you are interested in joining a mission this year, e-mail Federica Wade at

Sunday School Teaching


The parish can always use college-aged instructors for its youth catechesis program!  Each session only lasts 20 minutes during the Mass, and includes many fun and creative lessons.  Religious education is an essential way of teaching children about Christ and his Church, and is a great way to give a little bit back to the parish.
For more information, please contact our Spirituality VP, Ben Kelly, at

Altar Serving

Serving the altar at Mass has been a great privilege and a joyous opportunity for many young people and future saints throughout the history of the Church.  In 2012, Pope Benedict addressed a group of altar servers making a pilgrimage to Rome, saying that they were blessed to be "particularly close to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.  You have the enormous privilege of being close to the altar, close to the Lord."  At the Harvard Catholic Center, altar server trainings are held periodically during each semester.
For more information, please contact MJ Richardson at


Singing in the choir or playing the accompanying instrumentation is a beautiful ministry that can enhance the prayerful experience of the congregation during Mass.  The choir is a great place to meet fellow Catholic vocalists and an important part of the student Mass at Harvard.  The student choir meets every Sunday at 4 PM to rehearse for the student Mass at 5 PM.  We welcome participants to join whenever they can.  No prior experience is necessary!
For more information, please contact Theresa Rizk at


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion serve the important task of handling either the Body or Blood of Christ during Communion.  EMHC training occurs every semester, and trained EMHCs are usually asked to serve several times a semester. 
For more information, please contact Ben Kelly at


Lectors proclaim the Word of God through the readings at Mass.  Lector training occurs every semester, and lectors are usually asked to serve once or twice a semester.
For more information, please contact Ben Kelly at